Like most in UX, my path was winding.

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Hey, I'm Brook. Welcome to my site. It is a collection of my work and thoughts. You want to know more? Here's my ego-stroking bio:

The most surprising thing about my background is how applicable it turned out. Studying behavioral economics instilled an understanding of how people make decisions. Studying architecture gave me a rigorous design process. Success in both fields still left me craving work with a wider impact. Luckily I slid into UX when I moved back to the best coast - it's a hybrid of the things I love about econ and architecture, with the potential for great impact!

After six years of experience design and strategy, here's what I believe: the most elegant design errs on the side of simplicity and that honest and helpful work requires living those values. To make this happen my process is simple. Prioritize the outcomes you want, use the build-measure-learn feedback loop to make it happen, and get collaborating!

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